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Could you please help me in specifying filters for creating report that would show all visitors from countries outside of US but should include all spiders from just US only. I tried specifying the filters as shown below but it shows both spiders and visitors from countries outside of US.

Image 82

Thanks in advance.


If you wish to show only real (non-spider) visitors from non-US countries, and only spiders from the US, you should do the following filters:

1. Include filter with two conditions: Country is US and Spider is *

1. Include filter with two conditions: Country is non-US (select all countries in the filter using the Select All button and uncheck just US) and  Device Type is Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile (all values). The Desktop Type filter will cause the filter to include all non-spider visitors.


Hi Michael,

Thank you for the help. I could work it out with the following filters as attached below.

Image 83

 When I tried the include filters as how you suggested the problem was there are some IPs with country unknown those were getting excluded and also it the IPv6 where getting excluded as they have unknown country. Will it be possible to include Unknown also in the country dropdown?

 But the Device Type suggestion helped out, thank you. Also in the above filter there is a change from my initial condition i.e spiders (US and non-US) have been included but the major/popular(bing, facebook and google) spiders from US IPs have been excluded.



Unfortunately it's not currently possible to select unknown countries, only detected countries may be chosen.