Number of visitors disagree on different reports

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I have a wordpress site and have  been using WPStatistics on it for a year or so.

The number of visitors per day that it shows averages about 500.

Running Web Log Expert for the period from Nov 11 to Dec 11 shows an average number of visitors per day of 1937.

Am I doing something wrong on Weblog Expert to get such a large disagreement? or can WeblogExprt not be used on Wordpress sites?  Or???

Thanks Gary


By default WebLog Expert includes statistics on all files. If you wish to get information on visitors who accessed pages only (like trackers working inside pages) we recommend you to create an include "File" filter with value %PageFiles%

In addition, there may be a difference because the program analyzes log files and don't have access to cookies or additional client-side techniques used to identify visitors while I'm not sure how WPStatistics works in this case.