Cannot get results from a simple log parse


Hello. We have used WebLog Expert before several times.   I have a log search profile setup and working.  However, when I try and setup a new log search profile, it parses the logs and then comes back with:  "The analyzed logs don't contain any information which can be analyzed by the program.  In most cases, it means that the log files have a format not supported by WebLog Expert."

I have a working profile of the same type of logs from IIS7.5.  I have compared that working profile to the one that brings back the error.  The profile settings are the same.  The only thing different are that the web application is a different one and a different log folder under IIS.  I have also verified that the simple filter of include requested file of "/appfoldername/*" is present in the IISlog that the profile is parsing.

What do I troubleshoot next and what would cause these kinds of errors?