Downloads & Anti-Virus Blocking (WLECityDBSetup.exe)

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When i try to download the Geolocation Database "Country/state/city database update (October 2019)" setup file (which is named "WLECityDBSetup.exe"), McAfee Endpoint Security Web Control tells me "this file download has been blocked." It also says "in our tests, this download contains programs some people would consider adware, spyware, or other potentially unwanted programs". When i click OK it says "WLECityDBSetup.exe contained a virus and was deleted".

If i disable "Web Control" and re-download the same file, another McAfee product (Endpoint Security Threat Prevention) deletes the file due to it having a virus (or thinking it has one).

Is anyone else running into this issue with McAfee or any other virus protection products? I dont have time right now to test other ones, and i can exclude this file from our virus scans, but i dont want to do that until i know for sure it's just a McAfee mistake.
It's a false positive by McAfee, you can view the test results from multiple other software:

We will release an update for the database in the near days anyway, hopefully McAfee won't detect it as a virus.