Analyze status dialog

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 The Analyze status dialog shows only the filename that is being analyzed. Its good in the case where the logs from a single website or directory is being analyzed and the filename is stored with date appended like below. 

Image 80

But when multiple website logs are involved and the logs are being analyzed from wildcard like @d:/logs/cr/*.log then its a bit hard to know the status like which log from which website or directory is currently being analyzed.

Will it be possible to include the directory name as well along with the log filename maybe like in one of the formats:

Analyzing d:/logs/cr/cr1/u_ex230102.log 

Analyzing .../cr1/u_ex230102.log (if the full path is too long to include then maybe the last few characters)

This way it would be possible to know actually which log file from which website or directory is being analyzed and how many more to go.



Thank you for the suggestion, we'll consider implementing this improvement.