Integration with Cloud

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Hi Everyone,

We are planning to integrate Weblogs with Cloud deployed applications ( both in EC2 and Beanstalk - AWS , and in GCP & Azure as well).  Does Weblogs support in Cloud ? if yes, is there any pattern/prerequisites setting up in each cloud such as - logs to be streamed to S3, or any other storage ?

What all native services in each cloud providers (AWS, GCP and Azure) can integrate with Weblogs ?


Unfortunately WebLog Expert doesn't have special support for cloud services. If it is to be used to analyze their log files, it will be necessary to download relevant log files to a server where the program is installed, and then analyze them with the program (e.g. by running it from the built-in scheduler or an external script).

With regard to the supported log formats, WebLog Expert supports log files of Apache and IIS. It also supports log files of Amazon S3 and Amazon ELB, as well as log files of servers that use formats similar to Apache (e.g. Nginx) and IIS (e.g. Amazon CloudFront, Microsoft ISA/TMG, and Windows Azure).