Date Macros

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Using batch commands, I'm trying to output a file with month and year in the file name and it's being totally ignored.  My format is:

-r"f:\IISWebLogs\InsOps %Date-1m%%Mon% %yyyy% WebProd27.csv".

But I end up with file name:  "InsOps   WebProd27.csv".  

Any ideas?  I've tried taking the spaces out, but didn't help.


I have tried to create both an individual command and batch command file with the command like this:

"Sample - CSV copy" -r"C:\Temp\InsOps %Date-1m%%Mon% %yyyy% WebProd27.csv"

It correctly created the "C:\Temp\InsOps Apr 2023 WebProd27.csv" file.

Do date macros work if you specify them in the profile properties? Are you running them from a scheduler or manually?


I'm just running them from a command line to get them working.  I haven't tried to specify them in the profile properties, I'll try that and see if it makes any difference.