Category "Other" not showing up under Access Statistics submenu

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I am trying to see the number of hits to an excel file that we have on our site and my colleague showed me how to find any other file that doesn't show naturally show up, by going to the "Other" category in the Access Statistics section and filtering on the extension.  I don't have this option and wondering if this should automatically be there or do I need to do something in the configuration to get it to show up.  

We were both are working with an older version (same) when I noticed the issue.  Figured that upgrading to the latest trial version would fix the issue, but didn't.  Any help to resolve this issue would be much appreciated.  Thank you in advance.


You should check that this report is enabled in Options > Report > Contents.

You can also check the Access Statistics > File Types report to check if the Excel file extensions are listed here. If this data isn't here, you should check that you analyzed correct log files and that you don't have filters in the profile properties that may filter out information on these files.