Why can't I see my profiles now I have moved to windows 7

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I have moved from Vista to Windows 7, but on re-installing weblogexpert I can now no longer see any of the previous profiles I had.

The reports are in C:\Program Data\WebLog Expert\Report.

But where are the profiles located?

1) Is there an option to specify the location of the profiles

2) In which folder would the profiles have been on a vista bu default?

3) What folder does weblog expert put the profiles in by default?

profile location
Profiles are located in the "C:\ProgramData\WebLog Expert\Profiles" folder under both Windows Vista and Windows 7.

If the folder doesn't exist on your computer, could you please answer the following questions:

1. What version of WebLog Expert do you use? Did you use the same version on Windows Vista?

2.How have you moved to Windows 7? Have you installed it over Windows Vista, installed it to another computer and moved your data or did it another way?

3. Is there the Profiles folder in the "C:\Program Files\WebLog Expert" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\WebLog Expert" (if you use the 64-bit version of Windows) folder?
Hi Michael

1) I am using the same version of weblog expert on both versions

2) I moved from 32bit vista to 64 bit windows 7, so have had to do a customer install which is Microsoft's way of saying "Tough" start again and reinstall everything from scratch. I have back-ups of the original c drive and have searched them, but to no avail.

3) I have looked in the original backups and copies of my C drive and
C:\Program DataWebLog Expert and there is no folder within that folder called "Profiles".

a) There is one called "report" which contains all the outputs, but nothing about profiles.

in c:program files\weblog expert There is one called "Webserver" which contains "webapp" but no profiles and no profile folder.

Any other ideas?

Just to add, I have created a test profile in windows 7 and there is not a "Profile" folder in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\WebLog Expert" folder on the new system either.

Nor is there any file with the name I have created.

This is a complete mystery to my. They must be stored somewhere. What file extension are they?

I have all the report files and folders, but none of the profiles
The Profiles folder is located in the C:\ProgramData\WebLog Expert folder, not the "Program Files" one. However, the ProgramData profile is hidden by default, you need to enable showing hidden files and folders in Windows Explorer to view it. You can do it by clicking the "Organize" button on the toolbar in Windows Explorer, and then choosing "Folder and Search Options" > "View" > "Show hidden files, folders and drives".

Maybe enabling this option will also allow you to locate the profiles in the backup.
I have found the .pfl files by searching the windows.old file created by the installation.

I went to "Program data" and despite viewing hidden files there was no "Profiles" folder.

I created one and copiedthe found prifiles but that did not work. Weblog expert did not see them.

Then I noticed that you refer to "ProgramData" (without a space) and windows refers to "Program Data" with a space. Is this significant?
There should be several different subfolders in the "ProgramData" folder, including the "WebLog Expert" folder. The "Profiles" folder is located in the "WebLog Expert" folder. It should exist as WebLog Expert installed on Windows 7 saved the sample profile ans the profile you created to it.

In most cases there should be a hidden "ProgramData" folder (without space) but maybe it depends on Windows version. You can check if the file name is correct the following way: open WebLog Expert, open Options > Analysis > Log Cache and check if the folder shown in "Log Cache Location" contains space. The log cache is stored in ProgramData too so it will help you to determine location of the Profile folder.
Ok, we are there - have found them all. (Phew)

It seems that I have both a "Program Data" and a ProgramData" just to confuse!!!!!

Doing, show hidden files, displayed the second one which was indeed where the files should be. Copying the profiles into that folder solved the problem.

On further investigation the "Program Data" folder only contained weblog expert and reports which suggests it was created by the choice of location I made for the reports. So I have deleted this folder and changed the profile's choiceof report location so that they are all in the correct place.

All should be good now

Thanks for your patience and help