Lost organisations: Far fewer being reported since Windows 7 upgrade

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I am not getting as thorough list of organization as I was?

Prior to upgrading to Windows 7, when I ran weblog expert I was getting around 300-500 organizations listed per weeks analysis.

Now, despite having installed the latest version, the organization database and the location database, and using exactly the same profiles, I only get around 40-50 organizations listed.

I went back to a previous profile and that is now listing far fewer organization, whereas previously it was listing hundreds.

Any idea what might be causing this sudden change of report?

What is missing all of a sudden?
None of the parameters of the profiles has changed.
You should check if the program is set to show more than 50 items (default value) for the organizations report. You can set it in Options > Report > Contents, you need to edit properties of the Organizations table.
Good one Michael

Initially I could not find the option but realised later that I had to select the specific
topic (organisations) and then click on the properties.