How do I search a report? There is no 'Find' option

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How to I search a report?

I simply want to find where a particular webpage gets referenced.

I am looking at the access report and there are 200 web pages referenced. I want to quickly find one and I cannot. There seems to be no find facility in the html report.
You can use the Find command in your browser to search for the file name. If the file isn't listed among top pages shown in the report, you can change number of items to be shown for the table in the program options or profile properties, you can find more information on it in the following topic:

You can also add the page to the list of tracked files in the profile properties. In such case you will get detailed report on this page in the Tracked Files report section.
Michael, The problem is I appear not to be in a browser. Despite having the HTML option, I an in the "WebLog Expert Report Viewer" This only has three options, File, View and help. (I have the number set to 250 to include everything)

There is no facility in the weblog viewer to search.

Is there a trick the viewing things in a normal browser?

Your other suggestion sounds about tracked files sounds interesting - I will follow that up.
You can press Ctrl+F to open the Find dialog.

You can also open the report in a usual browser. You can do it by navigating to the path (e.g. file:///C:/ProgramData/WebLog%20Expert/Report/index.htm) that is shown in the Report Viewer. Alternatively you can disable the "Create click overlay report" setting in Profile Properties > Report, in this case the program will show reports in the default browser instead of the Report Viewer.
Ctrl F worked. It wasn't obvious. Thanks