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Can WebLog Expert show us how long it takes a page to load from the moment the user requests the page, to the moment the page finishes loading in the user's browser? I believe IIS logs this as 'Time Taken', right? So would i just navigate to the 'Access Statistics' group and then click the 'Time Taken' page, right? If so, i notice that the report shows a few different values. Can you confirm my logic is correct in this case? The page i'm troubleshooting performance on at the moment shows a Total Time Taken of 01:55. Is that 1 minute, 55 seconds (which would translate to 115,000 ms). It also shows an Average Time Taken (ms) of 16,428 (which appears to be 16.5 seconds). So the average time it takes to load this page on this day (with this data) is 16 1/2 seconds, right

Thank you!

NOTE: I realize this is as much an IIS question as it is anything, but hope the community doesn't mind me asking just the same.
Yes, you are completely correct regarding the total/average time taken calculation.

Please note that the time-taken is the time it takes for the server to process a request and send response to a visitor. It doesn't include time to load images, scripts, etc. on the page.