I want to identify IP addresses to isolate hacking attacks

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But the reports all convert the IP addresses to hosts (presumably using some file conversion) so I end up with a list of host names, not IP addresses.

However I want to identify only the IP address of those people who have gone to a specific file

Because then I can block them from the site)

Is there a way to do this please
First of all you should check that the "Lookup DNS names" setting in the profile properties is unchecked (it controls whether the program converts IPs to domain names).

If it is unchecked but domain names are still shown as hosts for some visitors, probably your log files already contain domain names instead of IP addresses. The program doesn't have a capability to convert domains back to IPs. However, you can use nslookup or online Domain-to-IP converters (e.g. NSLookup at http://all-nettools.com/toolbox/nsloo...) to get IP for a specific hostname.
OK that worked. It took a while to find it but that leaves the IP addresses unchanged. Thanks