Is it possible to localize the number format in the HTML report? + Unicode issue

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The HTML report does not seem to adhere to the locale settings on Windows Server 2016. The numbers are formattet by US standard regardless of any System setting.

Is there a way around this? I really would like the commas and periods in the right place for our client.

Also, the location data from the GeoLite2 City database are displayed with incorrect encoding. I suspect an Unicode issue either in the database or in the WebLog Expert program.

Thanks for any assistance.
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Andreas Thyholdt
A follow up on the Unicode issue.
I discovered that the actual HTML report file got the Unicode right and the file is indeed in Unicode format.
So it looks like it is the report viewer that has issues with Unicode characters outside the standard ASCII table.
Thank you very much for keeping us updated. What browser do you use to view the reports? It should be possible to change the viewing encoding in the browser either using the standard browser commands or an extension.
Andreas Thyholdt
Sorry if I was unclear. I'm using Chrome and it displays correctly. No other browser is used, other than the WebLog Expert Report Viewer that comes up after the report is done generating. This viewer displays the Unicode characters wrong and that led me to assume that it was an error in the geo Unicode encoding or the program itself.
The number separators may be changed by using a custom translation file as described at . What you need is to take the template and just set the DecimalSeparator/ThousandSeparator parameters. In such case using the template will change the number formatting.

The issue with the geolocation data should be caused by the way the program handles strings from the GeoLite2 database. In most cases the data is in English, and probably Unicode isn't handled correctly - we are going to check this issue.
Andreas Thyholdt
Thanks, got the number formats sorted. Awaiting your findings on the geo character encodings.
Love the program, got yourself a new customer here.
Thank you for the clarification. It should be possible to right-click the page in the Report Viewer can choose another encoding.

You can also set the charset to UTF-8 in the language file to use it by default.