How do i switch on the dynamic HTML report?

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How do I switch on the dynamic HTML report? I love the sample, but when I run the report under 8.01, I simply get the same old style, even though I am in HTML format
Dynamic HTML reports are available in the Enterprise edition, they are shown using a web server (built-in or IIS).

You need to do the following to create such reports for your profiles:

1. Click the Server button on the toolbar to show the Server dialog.

2. Click the Run button to start the server.

3. Click “Manage” near “Users” and add a new user with access rights for all the profiles. You will need to enter the specified username and password to access the generated dynamic reports.

4. Click “Manage” near “Profiles marked for publishing” and select the profiles you wish to get the dynamic reports for.

After it when you analyze your profiles, you’ll get dynamic HTML reports.
Ok, I have jut received information about the Beta 8.01 with a filter facility. I have the pro edition and this filter facility is just what i was looking for.

The email says
"1. The new version can save full log data to database. This allows you to filter dynamic reports without need to modify profile and reanalyze data. You can also view detailed information on individual hits and visitors.

The option to include full log data is enabled by default, you just need to reanalyze existing profiles."

It says nothing about the Enterprise edition so i assumed this filtering was available on the professional version.

Is it not?
No, the feature isn't available in the Professional edition. It is related to dynamic HTML reports only, and these reports are supported only in the Enterprise edition.

It seems that we should have specially mentioned that this feature is supported in the Enterprise editon only. I apologize for the confusion.

Unfortunately it's not possible to add such feature in usual (static) HTML reports, as it requires a server to create filtered reports on the fly.

However, we are currently considering adding a scaled-down version of dynamic HTML reports in the Professional and (maybe) Standard editions. E.g. we may keep the ability to use filters, view details, etc but allow to view the reports on the same computer only and enable creating just one dynamic report at a time (so it won't be possible to switch between profiles in dynamic reports without opening the program).

Would such option be useful for you, or is it too limited?
OK Thanks Michael (Confusion and my over excitement now cleared).

Such a facility would be brilliant, IF it allowed me to look at a particular IP address or user (domain) and see which files they downloaded and which pages they visited.

I assume there is no way to achieve what i have just described in the pro edition at the moment, is there?
You can create an include "Host" filter in the profile properties to get report on a specific IP address or domain only. It's not possible to get a list of all hits and visits, but you'll get all the other reports including report on pages, files etc.
OK,so I run the report once, decide which hosts to monitor, then run it again with the hosts filter on.

I get it, thanks