X-Forwarded-For question

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The release notes for version 8.x state it includes "Recognition of real visitor host in the X-Forwarded-For field in IIS logs". Per my earlier question / issue, you suggested using the Microsoft Advanced Logging module and replacing the "c-ip" with "x-forwarded-for" in it. How does this fix relate to that item?
Version 8.0 fixes the issue, you can use it to analyze your logs and get report on correct visitor IPs without need to replace the c-ip field.

The original problem appeared because the c-ip field contained the IP of the load balancer, while the real visitor IP was stored in the X-Forwarded-For field. It is a common scenario, so we added support for it in version 8.0. If there is the X-Forwarded-For field, the new version uses value from it as visitor IP instead of the c-ip field. It works automatically, it's not necessary to change any settings.