Analysis: Cannot open cache file

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On one profile I am getting the Error message both running the profile manually and via the Scheduler of "Analysis: Cannot open cache file D:\Weblog Expert\LogCache\AnalysisCache\21.db". I went and cleared the Analysis Cache, verified the folder was empty and reran the profile. Same error.
If other profiles work correctly and save data to the analysis cache, you should try to copy the profile (File > Copy Profile) and try to analyze it. It will save data to another file, so if just file with this name is locked/cannot be created for some reason, it can help.

If it doesn't help, you should check if the program shows the error immediately after you start the analysis, or later. Maybe the program creates the database file, but cannot open it for some reason. If the file becomes large (you should check it during the analysis), maybe there is a limitation of an antivirus or other system software that doesn't allow to open the database that is required during analysis (the program opens/closes it multiple times if there is a lot of data), so you should try to disable the antivirus or similar software.
Dr. Who
Thank you for your reply.

Presently the program is doing analysis on this particular profile. It is the large one that I referred to in my other question about CPU at 100%. I'll see what happens when I finishes sometime today and it it aborts I'll try your first solution.