Subnet Host Exclusions

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Is it possible to specify subnets or ip ranges in host exclusions and, if so, how?
It's not possible to specify IP ranges now, but you can use wildcards like 192.*.*.*
Neil Sayer
Thanks for your reply. We already use wildcards in some cases. However we run many reports for customers who want their own traffic excluded which means we often want to exclude ranges or subnets e.g. x.x.x.128 - x.x.x.255. This is not really practical using wildcards.

So can this be added to a list of requests for new versions?
We'll consider adding support for ip ranges and subnets in future versions of the program.
Andreas Thyholdt
Any progress on this feature?
Kerr Yang
Really need this fuction, Because I need to exclude some subnets come from Amazon Cloudfront.

Before this year, I use User Agent to Filter visitors who come from Amazon Edge, it works fine.

But I recently found some Amazon Egde server's user agent is blank , So the better way I can do is use Host IP filter to exclude them .