DNS Lookup Making Internet Slow at House

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I have 10 sites I run your program on monthly still. One of them causes me problems, the other nine do not. The one that causes me problems is when I run the report (with DNS lookup enabled), that one overloads the internet in my house, and makes every other device connected to the WiFi non functional. When the report is done, everything else is fine.

Now that one has way larger log files, so I imagine that has something to do with it, but is there a way to have the program not bomb out my internet like that? I've been working around it for a few years now, but I thought I'd ask, as I wanted to run the report, but if I did that with the kids home from school, it would knock them offline.

My server rotates daily, so my individual log files are just 24 hour periods. On the one that is way larger, an average log file size is about 52.5Mb, while the smaller ones max out at around 6.4Mb.

I didn't know if there was an option for the program to not do so many DNS requests at once perhaps? I've tired using Windows Task Manager to reduce the priority of your gram from Normal to Low, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

Any other ideas (beyond turning off DNS lookup)?
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You can change the number of simultaneous DNS requests in Options > Network > DNS. You may also consider increasing the DNS expiration time, so the program will need to recheck the domain names less often.