Hashed "Authenticated Users" is there a way to cross reference them?

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So all of my usernames are showing up in WebLog Expert, but they are hashed.. Is there any kind of cross reference i can do within weblog expert, much like the IP geolocation? for example this user is in weblog expert 3775e279bab7410695650c53658ebed9 i know this is guest any way to create a list to auto resolve 3775e279bab7410695650c53658ebed9 to guest?
You can replace the hashes with usernames by modifying the "Authenticated Users" table if you use the Professional or Enterprise edition.

To do it, open Options > Report > Tables. Select the Visitors > Top Authenticated Users table and click the "Edit..." button. Enable the "Block table updates" option (so the table won't be reset if you update the program) and open the "Data" tab. On this tab click the "Custom..." button to the right of the "Main data" combo box.

You can specify custom modification rules here, for example:

3775e279bab7410695650c53658ebed9 $= guest

You can find more information on the modification rules in the built-in help or at http://www.weblogexpert.com/help/wlex...
James Kmetz
Perfect! Worked like a champ!